How can I have with the same query different instances of data with useQuery hook

I have 4 different table that feeding with the save query and I have created infinit scroll for them as they are 4 different components but it is like using same data. When one of them fetchMore data all others getting as well but I need they were independent.
Please help me trough this

Hello! If all of your components are using the exact same query, then they’re all reading the exact same result data from the Apollo Client cache. If one of the queries is fetching additional results and adding them to the cache, that automatically affects any other active query that’s using the same cached data.

It sounds like you want different components to use different portions of the same list field within your cache. In this case, I recommend checking out the pagination documentation. You can add arguments to the infinitely-scrolled list field so queries can selectively fetch only a portion of the list at a time.