How Connect to Remote MongoDB Via Apollo Client in React?

On the development side of my application I can connect to the remote MongoDB database. Currently I am stuck at how to properly configure for deployment on my remote server.`

To my best abilities I have narrowed it down to two locations that are my issues. Apollo if faulting when on my hosting service searching for “”`

These are some of the errors.

Error: Attempt to postMessage on disconnected port
[HTTP/2 404 Not Found 290ms]
[Network error]: ServerError: Response not successful: Received status code 404
BOOKS_QUERY error ApolloError: Response not successful: Received status code 404

This is the content of index.js used to setup the server connection.`

import { ApolloServer } from '@apollo/server';
import { startStandaloneServer } from '@apollo/server/standalone';
import { resolvers } from "./resolvers.js";
import  {typeDefs} from './typeDefs.js';
import mongoose from "mongoose";

mongoose.set('strictQuery', true);

const db = await mongoose.connect("mongodb+srv://", {
    useNewUrlParser: true,
}) ('Connected to db', db?.connections[0]?._connectionString);

const server = new ApolloServer({typeDefs, resolvers});

const { url } = await startStandaloneServer(server, {
    listen: { port: 4000 },
  });` Server ready at ${url}`);

Bellow is the portion used for connection on the client side within App.js .

import React from "react";
import { ApolloClient, InMemoryCache, ApolloProvider, HttpLink, from } from '@apollo/client';
import { onError } from "@apollo/client/link/error";

const errorLink = onError(({ graphQLErrors, networkError }) => {
  if (graphQLErrors)
    graphQLErrors.forEach(({ message, locations, path }) =>
        `[GraphQL error]: Message: ${message}, Location: ${locations}, Path: ${path}`
  if (networkError) console.log(`[Network error]: ${networkError}`);

//const httpLink = new HttpLink({ uri: 'http://localhost:4000' });

const httpLink = new HttpLink({ uri: './graphql:4000' });

const client = new ApolloClient({
  cache: new InMemoryCache(),
  link: from([errorLink, httpLink]),