How do I pass a string in swift? of type GraphQLNullable

This could be supreme noob q, apologies.
SwiftUI ios 16 Apollo GraphlqQL1.6
Im tired and I cant work out what it wants, if I just feed it a string “skdjf” it will also not work.
I did not have this problem in graplhQL 0.5 series

let nameT = "music"
apollo.fetch(query: SchemaPPP.GetEventsByCategoryQuery(name: nameT , minTime: secTime ))...

for both arguments name, minTime i get
Cannot convert value of type ‘String’ to expected argument type ‘GraphQLNullable’

basis of my query

query GetEventsByCategory($name: String, $minTime: String) {
    eventTypes(where: {name_contains: $name}) {
        events(where: { nextEventUTC_gt: $minTime}) {

You need to pass a value of type GraphQLNullable, e.g. .some(nameT). Your query would look something like:
SchemaPPP.GetEventsByCategoryQuery(name: .some(nameT) , minTime: secTime ))

I ran into the same issue migrating to v1.x and created helper class.

public struct GraphQLHelper {

    @available(*, unavailable)
    init() {}

    /// Wraps a value inside a `GraphQLNullable` object. Use when a GraphQL property expects
    /// a `GraphQLNullable` type.
    /// - parameter value: The object to wrap
    /// - returns: a `GraphQLNullable` object
    static public func graphQLNullableFrom<T>(_ value: T?) -> GraphQLNullable<T> {
        if let val = value {
            return .some(val)

        return .none

The helper can be used with Optional properties too, returning .none when the property is nil.


SchemaPPP.GetEventsByCategoryQuery(name: GraphQLHelper.graphQLNullableFrom(nameT) , minTime: secTime ))