How do you refetch/evict all versions of a field, regardless of the variables?


Imagine such a scenario: You have a products list which is retrieved through a query, and you can also filter the list which uses the same query just with a set filter parameter.

A subscription message arrives saying that there’s a new product available. Now how do I refetch all versions of that productsList query regardless of the variables? There could be like 2-3 versions of the field in the cache, all with different variables, and I want to refetch/evict all of them.

How do I achieve this?

Here’s another example: a User type with a “projects” field which can have different variables and I want to evict all variations:



Hi @fabis94 :wave: interesting question! cache.evict accepts this options interface:

As I understand it, that args key is what differentiates the different versions of projects in this case.

cache.evict({ id: 'User:a7edfb464c', fieldName: 'projects' });
cache.evict({ id: 'User:a7edfb464c', fieldName: 'projects', args: { filter: { search: "subtest4" } } });

Of course, that’s not the most elegant solution, particularly if you don’t have a simple way of accessing all previously-fetched permutations of a field with arguments. So you could consider evicting the entire User object as a simple but less efficient alternative. Another approach I’m far less certain about, so please do check my work here, is to use cache.modify:

  id: 'User:a7edfb464c',
  fields: {
    projects: (existing, details) {
      // here's where you might be able to do what you're asking about

Again, I really can’t say whether this approach will get you there. It would definitely help to have a runnable reproduction here so I can test my assumptions. But hopefully that modifier function helps move you in a direction that could help narrow down a solution. The docs can help explain further if you haven’t used cache.modify before. Here’s the interface for the second parameter of a modify function, named details:

Hopefully INVALIDATE accomplishes what you need. Failing that, you may be able to get more surgical.

I hope that helps! If you get a moment, please do update the thread with any follow-up questions or (hopefully) the resolution :slight_smile: