How to do a rest post request using apollo client?

I know that we can also perform rest request using apollo, but I cant figure out how to do a post request, Can someone help me with it?

My REST post request endpoint is: <url>/transaction/getbyhash

Can someone please help me write the same request using apollo client and graphql-tag ?

@KingSuper are you using apollo-link-rest? If so you can use the method argument of the @rest directive to specify POST.

yeah I am using apollo-link-rest

How do I pass the payload though ?

Thanks @hwillson I know how to do it using the docs, but there are no examples of a post request and its parallel request in apollo client :frowning:

I am therefore having a hard time converting my request to it, can you give a example of a post request with a pyaload and write its parallel request using apollo rest link ?

@KingSuper I don’t quite follow what you mean by “parallel request”. Can you share a bit of code that shows what you’re trying?