How to resolve TYPE_KIND_MISMATCH for 2 graphql schemas

Actually what I want to do is, I have 2 different graphql schemas, 1 for user and 1 for my main application handling. So, I have declared 2 fields with same name, 1 is of type Input, and other is a normal Object Type. And when I try to join them using Rover CLI and publish them to Apollo server, it is giving me an error that says: -

TYPE_KIND_MISMATCH: Type “ABC” has mismatched kind: it is defined as InputObject Type in subgraph “graph1” but Object Type in subgraph “graph2”.

I would love to have some suggestions regarding joining them offline too, as if its possible to not to publish them to studio.apollographql .Because when I was reading the documentation they told me its the only way to get a supergraph and use it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance