How to use grahQL-modules with new vesion of @apollo/server

Kindly let me know how to use the graphQL-module with new version of @apollo/server

I have tried following piece of code but no success yet. As in new version I can’t pass the value from
application.createApolloExecutor() in apollo server.

import { ApolloServer } from ‘@apollo/server’;
import { startStandaloneServer } from ‘@apollo/server/standalone’;
import { createApplication } from ‘graphql-modules’;
import { bookModule } from ‘./modules/index.js’;

const application = createApplication({
// Following commented lines of code is not working
// const executor = application.createApolloExecutor();
// const typeDefs = application.typeDefs;
// const resolvers = application.resolvers;
// const server = new ApolloServer({
// typeDefs,
// resolvers,
// });

const schema = application.schema;
const modules = application.ɵconfig.modules;
const server = new ApolloServer({schema:schema});

const { url } = await startStandaloneServer(server,{
listen: { port: 4000 },

console.log(🚀 Server ready at: ${url});

For further details please refer Error context.ɵgetModuleContext is not a function · Discussion #2292 · Urigo/graphql-modules · GitHub

Apollo Server 4 no longer supports the executor option which it looks like your approach depends on. There’s a section in the migration guide for this here. I think you’ll want to return { schema, executor } from the load function, not just the { executor }.

I think that is the right direction but I couldn’t seem to get it working :confused:

I am attempting to use the v4 @apollo/server combined with @as-integrations/next for use with nextjs topped with graphql-modules. The Apollo server works as expected when NOT using graphql-modules, as soon as I try to integrate I hit walls in every direction.

The below code results in the error: “You must call start() before getSchemaDerivedData()”

import {ApolloServer} from '@apollo/server';
import {createApplication, createModule, gql} from "graphql-modules";
import {startServerAndCreateNextHandler} from '@as-integrations/next';

import cors from "lib/cors";

const helloModule = createModule({
  id: 'hello-module',
  dirname: __dirname,
  typeDefs: [
        type Query {
            hello: String!
  resolvers: {
    Query: {
      hello: (parent, args, ctx, info) => {
        return 'Hello'

export const application = createApplication({
  modules: [helloModule]

const executor = application.createApolloExecutor();
const schema = application.schema;

const server = new ApolloServer({
  gateway: {
    async load() {
      return {
    onSchemaLoadOrUpdate() {
      return () => {
    async stop() {
  introspection: true,
  csrfPrevention: true

const handler = startServerAndCreateNextHandler(server);

export default cors(handler);

Check out this link - Apollo 4 support · Issue #2270 · Urigo/graphql-modules · GitHub

I think I was facing a similar problem, and it seemed to solve the issue.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: