How to use / support https server for ApolloServer PluginDrainHttpServer plugin?

I am currently using an https node js server at work.

I was wondering if the apollo plugin ApolloServerPluginDrainHttpServer meant for http servers only or can you pass it an https server?

The docs show an example of using http server like this:

import http from 'http';
const httpServer = http.createServer(app);

// Same ApolloServer initialization as before, plus the drain plugin
// for our httpServer.

const server = new ApolloServer({
  plugins: [ApolloServerPluginDrainHttpServer({ httpServer })],

Would that plugin work for https server from the https module?
The docs only seem to cover http server: API Reference: Drain HTTP server plugin - Apollo GraphQL Docs

This should just work, more details in the related issue where I responded: