HTTP Post REST API not working using variable

i have below resolver
track: (_, {name}, {dataSources}) => {
return dataSources.trackAPI.postMovie(name);

trying to call datasource with name varible but API is not taking the value coming from schema.
at backend API always same value populating.

class TrackAPI extends RESTDataSource {
baseURL = “”;


async postMovie(assetname) {
list/assets, // path
{ body:{
“name”: “$(assetname)”

Hey @sunil_yadav ! Your syntax looks incorrect in the postMovie snippet you included. Can you try this:

  { body: {
    name: assetname

You can also try to see if your query is formatted correctly (passing in the correct argument for name). If you have any code I can clone and try to reproduce, that would also be helpful.

Thanks a lot for the response,
indeed it worked this syntax , values are passing (name: assetname)