Implementing user registration with GraphQL in Next.js

I am planning to implement mutation that would register a user on my next.js application using GraphQL and apollo and i don’t seem to get it to work from the frontend. I could implement it and make it work from the apollo sandbox but i don’t know how to translate that into letting a user enter the information in a form from the frontend and register this user with these informations.
I am using next,js to implement this application. I will appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction please.

Hey @Eprince-hub!

We’ve got an example in our Apollo Client docs that walks through how to send a mutation and uses data filled in from a form input. In the example, it’s only one input, but hopefully it helps point you in the right direction. Here’s the doc: Mutations in Apollo Client - Apollo GraphQL Docs

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hello @MichelleMabuyo
Thanks a lot for the response, I just started exploring GraphQL + Apollo, I have used mutation with my React project through the example that was given on the Apollo Client docs. But I started using Apollo sever to build my own GraphQL server through next.js and it seems that the implementation was different but i was just confused, I was able to accomplish what i wanted.
Thanks for the input