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Hi Guys,

This is a very noob question so sorry for that in advance.


Platform: IOS/Xcode
Version: apollo-ios 1.0

So from an apollo-ios perspective I have followed the documentation, I have downloaded the schema from the Api, I have created a query that I want to execute, I have run the cli tool to genrate the json configuration and I have used that in the tool to generate the swift package.

The issue has come when I try to use the packge that has been generated, (and this could be a complete noob issue) I have gone into Xcode->add package->add local->selected package.

The package now shows in my explorer in Xcode but if I try to import the name of the package (Alta in this case) i get the following.

I am not sure where to go with this next as the doumentation just says the following

By default, a directory containing your generated schema files is within a directory with the schema name you provided (i.e., MySchemaName). Your generated operation and fragment files are in a subfolder within the same directory.

If you created your target in an Xcode project or workspace, you’ll need to manually add the generated files to your target.

That screenshot looks like Xcode so I’m assuming this is an Apollo iOS related question?

You also mentioned “get the package generated” so it sounds like your codegen config is for it to output an SPM package for the schema. If so, have you added the generated package as a dependency to your project and linked the library in Xcode? A little more detail about your setup/config might help.

Sorry for not being clear.

Yes all the above is correct but i will edit the question above


I had the same problem. Try moving Alta to the root directory, then add the package. That worked for me.