Incompatibility with zone.js and zone-patch-fetch plugin

My React project is using zone.js and zone-patch-fetch plugin and also @apollo/client for GraphQL. When apollo/client is calling abort method of AbortController from createHttpLink, zone.js is throwing below error.

Uncaught Error: macroTask 'fetch': can not transition to 'canceling', expecting state 'scheduled' or 'running', was 'notScheduled'.
    at ZoneTask._transitionTo (zone.js:514:23) [<root>]
    at Zone.cancelTask (zone.js:253:18) [<root>]
    at @workbench/modules/@awesome/bootstrap/awesome-bootstrap.js:3556:51 [<root>]
    at AbortController.proto.<computed> [as abort] (zone.js:975:24) [<root>]
    at @workbench/modules/awesome/ [<root>]
    at cleanupSubscription (module.js:88:7) [<root>]
    at notifySubscription (module.js:149:41) [<root>]
    at onNotify (module.js:176:3) [<root>]
    at SubscriptionObserver.complete (module.js:233:5) [<root>]
    at @workbench/modules/awesome/ [<root>]
    at @workbench/modules/@awesome/bootstrap/awesome-bootstrap.js:1322:48 [<root>]

I’m using the latest version of @apollo/client, 3.6.4.

Has anyone had the same problem ?