Invalidating cache for one specific query

Hey everyone!

I thought that my problem can be solved super quickly, yet I had to acknowledge that it’s much more complicated (or just I haven’t figured it out yet).
I have a query (getExpensiveCalculation), which I fetch from the server for the very first time, and then I use the cached version of it to serve. Still, there are some operations that require refetching it, so after those I want to invalidate the cached version of it. Basically doing something like refetchQueries, but without immediately refetching, only if it’s requested.

The best I could do was to retrieve the associated objects and evict those, but that doesn’t solve my problem. I would want to remove the entire query from the cache, as if it had never been fetched. What’s the best way to tackle this? What did I overlook?

EDIT: I basically want to call cache.reset(), but I only want to remove one particular query (getExpensiveCalculation), and not everything.

You can evict root query fields like this (omit the id property):
cache.evict({ fieldName: 'totalBalance', args: { currency: 'USD' } })
Does that help? When you say “I have a query (getExpensiveCalculation)”, do you mean that getExpensiveCalculation is the Operation Name or the Root Query Field?


The getExpensiveCalculation was the operation name.

On the other hand, huge thanks for your help, it totally helped!

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