iOS/Xcode 14, Cannot find ‘***Query’ in scope

After attempting to migrate to 1.0.7 I am having issues with finding all queries in scope.

I am going to reference the github issue below because its my exact issue but the solution provided is not working for me.

here is my config file:

public extension is uncommented as was suggested from @calvincestari but referencing it that way still gives me a scope error. i.e. MyAppAPI.SomeQuery().data… MyAppAPI isn’t even recognized in code completion. Something else might be going on.

Any suggestions?

Below is a link to a working example with the same configuration as what you’ve got here:

  • cocoapods dependency on Apollo iOS
  • same schema name and app target name
  • same module type and operations generated into the schema module
  • all this does is print the query name to a label but it shows that the query is accessible via the MyAppAPI namespace

I’m running into the same issue. I don’t have access to either the generated Query or the SchemaNamespace the way you do in your example project, Calvin.

How are you adding the generated files to the project?

Here is my example project for reference.

@nbgkls2000 - I think this is the same issue as Cannot find *** Query in scope · Issue #2958 · apollographql/apollo-ios · GitHub?