Is the fullstack tutorial supposed to work?

I like how the fullstack tutorial is being presented and I’m fine with the level of granularity with it.
But… It doesn’t work for me.
I would have expected the final version to work.
("Cannot query field "id" on type "LaunchConnection")
Is it normal for the constructor of the LaunchAPI to be called every second (added a console.log())?
I was excited about Apollo initially, but I’m about to give up on it.

In the repo, there’s a final/server directory which I can run and query successfully, so at least the finished product is in a working state.

The LaunchConnection type does not have an id field on it, so it sounds like your query is invalid. If you’re using Sandbox to send queries you should see an error on the incorrect id field you’re asking for.

Note that the LaunchConnection type (returned by launches field) is a wrapper around the actual launches it contains (since it also contains pagination information).


Datasources are instantiated for every request. Since Sandbox is polling your schema for changes, it’s sending a request on a regular interval. You can disable that by going into the connection settings (by clicking the gear next to your endpoint URL).

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Thanks for You reply. I am actually running the ‘final’ version and receive this error. However I didn’t realize that the schema changed for launches in the final version. My bad.

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