Issue deploying apollo router in azure web app service

Hi team, I have recently completed all the amazing course on apollo federation and found them very useful and easy to follow. So a big thank you to everyone involved in creating this content.

After completing the course I have deployed the subgraph in azure web app and it’s working as expected. But when I deployed apollo router and everytime I setup the connection with graphOS I get the following error

could not create router: io error: Error parsing resolv.conf: option at line 1 is not recognized",“target”:“apollo_router::executable”,“resource”:{}}

This is deployed on a Linux machine in azure and I’m using the latest version of apollo router v1.43.1. I would really appreciate any help with this.

Hello, this error seems like an issue outside the Router setup. Have you tried using Docker + Azure container services to setup the host?

Docker Router: Run in Docker

Google search comes up with this error: linux - dig: parse of /etc/resolv.conf failed - Server Fault