Issue with Lift-Off Part 5: Deployed app not accessible from behind company firewall

I am going through the tutorial and am stuck at the step where we deploy our app to heroku. Since I am taking this training from my work laptop, the site deployed to heroku is not accessible. I get a ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED error. Is there a config we can use to configure the company proxy? Or if that is not the issue, how do we get past this? I did test from a non-work related device and the website was accessible with no issues.

Hi @karthikgurumurthy ! Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Can you confirm which app you’re having trouble accessing? Is this happening for all Heroku-hosted apps? For example, can you access this link:

Hey Michelle,
Thank you for your response. Yes that one is also inaccessible for me. Looks like my company’s firewall isnt allowing access to any of the hosting sites. What other alternatives are available?

Sorry to hear that! We have instructions in our docs for other deployment methods:

My colleague on the Developer Educator team @megan has also previously looked at Railway as a Heroku alternative.

Hopefully these suggestions point you in the right direction! If those still aren’t accessible from your company’s device, or you would prefer to stick with the Odyssey course instructions, I would suggest using your personal device.