Label with require directive

In my project I am working with multiple subgraphs , I am trying to migrate one field let’s say destination from subgraph A to subgraph B. But initially I want to use label percentage 0 while overriding the field in subgraph B. But there is other subgraph C which requires this field. So it is breaking while trying to compose super graph schema. So does not require directive work with label percentage 0???

The @require directive doesn’t affect label percentages. When migrating the “destination” field from subgraph A to B with a label percentage of 0, ensure all subgraphs needing this field are considered. To resolve, adjust your migration strategy, perhaps transitioning the field gradually or finding an alternative solution. Also, check for conflicts or dependencies between subgraphs.

Tried to explain the problem in detail.

@override is working fine but composition is breaking if i am trying to add label percentage. I have used override with label percentage and it worked fine for other fields. But it is not working for field which is required by other subgraph.

Seems like progressive override is not supported for fields if they are required by other subgraphs?

How to fix this?