Lift-off IV: INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR on Testing Mutations on Apollo Explorer

I in Lift-off IV: Mutations part and when I try testing mutations in Apollo Explorer, I get the error below:

“data”: {},
“errors”: [
“message”: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘response’)”,
“locations”: [
“line”: 2,
“column”: 3
“path”: [
“extensions”: {
“stacktrace”: [
“TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘response’)”,
" at Object.incrementTrackViews (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/src/resolvers.js:31:32)“,
" at field.resolve (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/@apollo/server/dist/cjs/utils/schemaInstrumentation.js:41:28)”,
" at executeField (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:481:20)“,
" at /Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:377:22”,
" at promiseReduce (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/graphql/jsutils/promiseReduce.js:23:9)“,
" at executeFieldsSerially (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:373:43)”,
" at executeOperation (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:347:14)“,
" at execute (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:136:20)”,
" at executeIncrementally (/Users/msullano/projects/odyssey-lift-off-part4/server/node_modules/@apollo/server/dist/cjs/incrementalDeliveryPolyfill.js:47:34)“,
" at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)”

Hi there @msullano_ford! It looks like there might be an error in the incrementTrackViews resolver itself. Would you mind linking to your code or copying and pasting what you’ve currently got in that file? Thank you! - liz

Hi Liz, thanks for reaching out. I was using my work laptop with proxy and firewall configs, etc. and I get mixed results. I got Vite related issues as well. I redid the exercises using my personal laptop and it worked fine.

  • Manny

Thanks for the follow-up @msullano_ford ! I’m sorry that you ran into problems on your work laptop, but this is valuable information for future learners. Glad you got it figured out! :raised_hands: