No good first issues

I’m a college student (sophomore).
I’m new to this community.
Am I allowed to contribute here?
If yes, can I just pick some good first issues and solve them – or is there anything I need to prior to that?
Any response would be appreciated.

Just in case you want to know : Yes, I’m familiar with the tech-stack of this repo.
Also, I’ve seen the issues – there aren’t much issues & good first issues available? How do I contribute?


I’ve seen some (20+) issues and I’m not even properly understanding what to do. Are they too advanced or am I too rookie level

The Apollo Client package is at this point 8 years old, so most of the easy-to-get-into tasks have probable been taken over that time.
What’s left are new features (we usually decide on those at internal team meetings, or in long issue discussions with users) and investigating (oftentimes very obscure) bugs.

We’re working on the project with three full-time engineers at this point, and while we get the occasional (very welcome!) contribution from someone who encountered a specific problem and went to great lengths to find the root cause and fix it, I fear there are not a lot of issues that can easily be picked up, unless you are already a poweruser of the library and encountering a problem that you personally really want to solve.
I’m sorry :confused:

The best way of contibuting would probably to find places in the documentation that might need some tweaking - documentation PRs are an incredibly valuable Open Soure contribution.

Thanks for the detailed response lenz :pray: .
I understood what you said – I’ll get back to Apollo maybe after an year, after I gained some pretty good knowledge TS.

Bye :wave:

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