Not able to get GraphQL subscriptions working with graphql codegen

I am currently trying to set up a subscription using graphql codegen types.

import { Context } from '../context'
import { SubscriptionResolvers } from '../../generated/graphql'


export const Subscription: SubscriptionResolvers = {
  scoreUpdated: {
    subscribe: (_parent, _args, context: Context) => {
      return context.pubsub.asyncIterator(NEW_POINT)

The error I’m getting when I hover over subscribe is:

Type '(_parent: {}, _args: {}, context: Context) => AsyncIterator<unknown, any, undefined>' is not assignable to type 'SubscriptionSubscribeFn<any, {}, any, {}>'.
  Type 'AsyncIterator<unknown, any, undefined>' is not assignable to type 'AsyncIterable<any> | Promise<AsyncIterable<any>>'.
    Type 'AsyncIterator<unknown, any, undefined>' is missing the following properties from type 'Promise<AsyncIterable<any>>': then, catch, finally, [Symbol.toStringTag]ts(2322)

I’m not sure what I’m missing to get this working. What am I missing?

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Im having the exact same issue with codegen… did you solve this?

The expected return type of subscribe is an AsyncIterable interface. I thought this was some crazy stuff, but for me this was enough to satisfy it:

     const asyncIterator = pubsub.asyncIterator(args)
      return {
        [Symbol.asyncIterator]() {
          return asyncIterator ;

This will however depend on the packages versions you are using. I’m personally using the latest versions of apollo-server, graphql-subscriptions, and ‘graphql-redis-subscriptions’

Did you guys solve this? I am also using codegen and ended up just typing it as any

I was able to get subscriptions to work by simply ignoring the error. I know that’s not the ideal solution but it was the only way I could find to get this to work.