ODYSSEY - Glaring Omission: Subscriptions

Firstly, I absoloutely loved Apollo Odyssey. Its everything a tutorial should be, easily one of the best I’ve completed on any topic, the only missing element was the lack of exercises and information on subscriptions.
I hope more courses get added, I’ll certainly be doing them. Thanks for a great learning resource. Ive gone from 0 to competent in a short period of time so thanks again!

I think one of the reasons for that is that GraphQL as an ecosystem has had a long-standing “todo” of subscriptions.

Sure, they exist, but it’s kind of been “implement this for your own framework” for a while, and it seems like nobody really wants to state a de-facto standard.

Frameworks like Apollo have a existed for a while, and even today I don’t think that there’s a “standard” approach to subscriptions.

If there is, I may have just not encountered it over the years.