Odyssey Lift-off I: Basics - Theme that Instructor used in vs code

I don’t have any technical problems but I am curious about the Theme that is used by the Instructor in this course. This theme shows different colors for fields and its type. That’s really cool. Can You please tell me which theme is used in this course?

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Hi there! I believe this uses Apollo’s own lovely “Midnight” theme. Installation instructions available here: GitHub - apollographql/apollo-midnight: A VS Code color theme based on Apollo Studio Explorer color palette.

Thank you so much. I have installed the theme and it is beautiful. But there is a problem.

the title or other key is not highlighted as different color rater its showing the same color. How to fix this? Can you please help?

Ahh right! I believe you also need to install the Apollo VS Code plugin: Apollo GraphQL - Visual Studio Marketplace