Odyssey Lift-off REST-API: Exploit code oder just bad joke?

Tutorial API Endpoint delivers unknown code (hidden between filler text):

Hello, I was just following “Lift-off III: Arguments” section 8, when I noticed some strange code displayed on the resulting page (see attached screenshot).

Apollo will fetch the data via RESTful-API mentioned in the tutorial, the strange code is “hidden” between some dummy text in the description field:

Could this code be potential exploit code? Or is it just a bad joke (considering the huge amount of buzzwords):

php, printer, vfat_interface_malware, rosetta_social_log.mail, mnemonic, mysql, virus_truncate_bit, honeypot_burn, kernel, microphoneError, zip, exploit_optic_source, certificate, architecture_dbms, tcp, encryption, protocol_pdf, bloatware, paste_driver, processIrc, backsideCopyDatabase.servicesApi, cifs_matrix_filename, monitor_blacklist_constant, antivirus, camera.truncate, vpn_template, opengl_piracy_memory, vaporware, backsideDatabase, lockMicrophone, installQueue, bridge_wep_wizard.file_zip_graymail.tunnelingCycleHome, sdram_hacker, debug, irq_bittorrent_dos, xslt.dac_vector

Hello @dailyglow, thank you for your message.
Rest assured, this is all dummy content, the snippets are within codeblocks ``` ``` just for rendering as markdown. The idea was to have something that could be nicely displayed as markdown rendering rich description and dummy code snippets within code blocks.
I do understand though, that seeing this raw from the REST response could look suspicious, this was not the intention! We’ve edited those dummy content to plain markdown without snippets or codeblocks.
Thanks for getting in touch with us and I hope you’re having a good experience with our content outside of this.


Thank you for clarifying!

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