Parsing JSONObject custom scalar with Apollo iOS v1


I’ve been using Apollo iOS in our project for about 3 years. But when we try to upgrade Apollo iOS to v1.0.1 there is a problem with JSON values in our GraphQL schema.

We have a custom scalar named JSONObject: The JSONObject scalar type represents JSON objects as specified by ECMA-404.

Working with Apollo iOS v0.53.0 we were able to get the query data parsed to JSONObject: [String: Any] that was defined in as Apollo Core type.

With version 1.0.1 JSONObject is now defined as [String: AnyHashable] and the same solution does not work anymore.

What would be the correct way to make this work?

I have found a bit different way to solve it but the documentation has been updated for v1.0 in the meantime and I’ll change my implementation to that.