__resolveReference post process


I’ve been working on setting up my federation system, and ran into this problem that I can’t seem to solve. Namely, is there a way to add a “post process” to the result of __resolveReference? Or to put it another way, does __resolveReference have any sort of hooks?

For example, I have a Teammate subgraph, where I’m trying to resolve the “manager” field on a “Teammate” type by using the User subgraph:

type Teammate {
  manager: User
              manager(teammate) {
                    // returning a user reference
                    return {
                        __typename: 'User',
                        id: teammate.managerUserId,

But the problem is, after the “manager” field is resolved, I will need to do some “post process” on it, such as renaming some of the properties. Is it that there’s just no way to do this with the current version of federation, or am I not reading the docs carefully enough?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!