Roller CLI schema checks now async by default

Rover 0.8.0 introduced --background flag that made the check run async, but in Rover 0.16.0 that flag is gone and every check seems to run async. I don’t see this mentioned in the release nodes, so I’m wondering 1) is this a bug or intentional and 2) is there a way to go back to the old async behavior?


Hi @snoopdave - we just released 0.16.0 which adds a lint step to checks. That being said, you absolutely shouldn’t be seeing checks kick off a job in the background async by default that should only happen when running a check with the --background flag. This flag has not been removed and still exists for both graph check and subgraph check, so I’m slightly confused with this report. Would you mind sharing the error output and full command that you ran?

Thanks Avery. Sorry, this was my mistake. You can disregard this message.

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