Rover is failing to download the supergraph plugin

When rover supergraph compose ... is run

It produces this error

downloading the 'supergraph' plugin from
error: error decoding response body: operation timed out

When I tried download from url manually, it works.

  1. Retry the download: It’s possible that the timeout issue was a temporary problem. Wait a few minutes and try the download again.
  2. Verify the download URL: Make sure the download URL in the error message is correct. If the URL is incorrect or has been changed, you’ll need to update it accordingly.
  3. Check for Rover CLI updates: Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Rover CLI by running rover update check. If there’s a newer version available, update the CLI using rover update install.

When I download from the url works always works fine. When rover downloads it, it sometimes fails.

Facing same issue, this morning. Up untill yesterday evening same command was working fine. Also

`rover dev --url ` `http://localhost:8080` ` --name User`
`downloading the 'router' plugin from ` ``
`error: error decoding response body: operation timed out`

Also if i go to above url mentioned. I am able to download


file manually every time. there is no issue of firewall or proxies or anything.