Rx3Apollo with ApolloCall in java


I am using Apollo3 with Java.
Since the apolloClient.query(new TestQueriesQuery()).execute() is not supported in java i am using Rx3 libraries.

After i initialise apolloCall as below using the library com.apollographql.apollo3.ApolloCall
ApolloCall apolloCall = apolloClient.query(new TestQueriesQuery());
But when i try to get the observable using the Rx3 using the below command

Rx3Apollo. from (apolloCall);

fails with the error :

Multiple markers at this line
The method from(ApolloQueryWatcher) in the type Rx3Apollo is not applicable for the arguments *
Observable cannot be resolved to a type

Note: If we use Apollo client 2.5.11 this works fine but we wanted to use the latest version. Is there any solution for this.

Hi! :wave:

It looks like the compiler is still seeing the signature from 2.x - could it be that you are still depending on the 2.x Rx dependency? For 3.x is should be implementation("com.apollographql.apollo3:apollo-rx3-support:3.1.0").

PS: .from still exists in 3.x but is deprecated and superceded by .single or .flowable depending on your use-case.