Safari - Apollo Client Issue

Currently our web application is running apollo-client: 2.6.4, apollo-cache-inmemory:1.6.3. react-apollo: 3.0.1. On Safari we keep running into an invariant violation 8 error but this error never occurs in chrome. Also in Safari, we keep encountering a ‘Error writing result to store for query’ issue, but this issue is not happening in chrome. Is there an issue with webkit and this apollo client version?
I can’t check node_modules/@apollo/client/invariantErrorCodes.js file since the version of apollo we are using doesn’t have that file.

You can find that error in

node_modules/apollo-client/bundle.cjs.js line 1206:

'QueryManager stopped while query was in flight'

Generally, that version of Apollo Client you are using there is 4 years old, and very much unsupported at this point.
If you can, please update to @apollo/client, which is currently at version 3.7.13.

Thanks! will upgrading to the new version of Apollo solve this problem? How come this problem is only occurring in Safari?

Honestly, I have no idea.
In those four years since the version you are running, pretty much everything could have changed in Safari, and we haven’t tried that old version in modern Safari.

Let’s say it like this: updating your dependencies (I would assume not only Apollo Client is that out of date) will either solve the problem or at least remove a ton of “unknowns” that you are facing now.