Schema reporting to Apollo service with spring-boot Graphql


We are building a spring-boot GraphQL server and planning to upload the schema into the Apollo service (Apollo studio). For schema reporting planning to implement custom solution mention in the link Schema reporting protocol reference - Studio - Apollo GraphQL Docs

The above link refers to a schema reporting API endpoint ( to upload the GraphQL schema. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any API doc to use the endpoint to publish schema into Apollo service.

I appreciate any recommendations or thoughts on how to use schema reporting API endpoint for the schema upload.

Many thanks!

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! This is super exciting.

The Schema reporting protocol reference article has gotten a bit out of date, which we discovered while reviewing it to provide some assistance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m going to tidy it up next week and will post back here as soon as it’s ready! It should be a much more helpful resource at that point.

Thank you, @StephenBarlow. We are looking forward to seeing the updated document. I hope, my above queries will be addressed in it.

Many thanks for your support!


Hi @shibin01, we’ve updated the protocol reference. Take a look at your convenience and feel free to post back here with any followup questions you have! Hopefully this gets you much further than the previous version.