See whats in the Cache - Android

How am I able to logg/see whats in the cache? I have problems setting up the normalized cache eventhough I followed the docs.

In the docs they show how things look under the hood and how objects gets saved in the cache, example:

"favoriteBook": {"id": "bk123", "title": "Les guerriers du silence", "author": "ApolloCacheReference{}"}
"": {"id": "au456", "name": "Pierre Bordage"}
"QUERY_ROOT": {"favoriteBook": "ApolloCacheReference{favoriteBook}"}

This is what I would like to log with my current cache.

Hi! :wave:

There is a method to get the contents of the cache as a String that can be logged:

val dump = apolloClient.apolloStore.dump()
val prettyDump: String = NormalizedCache.prettifyDump(dump)

Hope this helps!

The cache is empty:

OptimisticCache {}
MemoryCache {}

Here is my ApolloClient:

    private val cacheFactory = MemoryCacheFactory(maxSizeBytes = 10 * 1024 * 1024)
    fun getApolloClient(): ApolloClient {
        return ApolloClient.Builder() 

And here is how I call the query:

val apolloList = getApolloClient().query(GetReportsQuery()).fetchPolicy(

When I now call the code you send me (after the query succeeds and data is displayed) it shows me an empty cache.
Am I missing something?

Just to be sure, are you calling getApolloClient() several times? You’ll want to keep an re-use the returned value instead.