Server not interpreting Markdown in query description

The docs for Apollo Server say that it supports markdown in documentation strings:

I followed the tutorial here:

Then I added this description to the books query:

type Query {
  Here's a description with some Markdown.
  This is **bold** and this is *italic*.
  Link to [](
  books: [Book]

When I start the server and go to the explorer, the markdown is not interpreted; see attached screencap.

Is the documentation wrong, or am I missing something here?

My tutorial project is at github dot com , user timothymcmackin, project graphql-server-example. (Sorry, new user, can’t include more than 2 links.)

Image 2022-03-08 11-33-06

It appears that Apollo handles markdown in type definitions but not query definitions. Would be nice if I could document my queries with markdown.

Thanks for the heads up, this should now be released :slight_smile: (make sure to clear your bundle (CMD+Shift+R))

Markdown in query descriptions works now. Thanks, @Chang!

It handles numbered lists but not unordered lists; would be nice to get markdown unordered lists in there, too.