SQL alternatives for InMemoryCache (in React Native)

I see that both the iOS and Android native clients have a SQL backed normalized cache. I have a React Native project and need the same thing. The app needs to work offline, so it builds an enormous cache (pre-fetching). I am trying to reduce the memory footprint – I think this is a common use-case in mobile, which is probably why the mobile clients have it.

I didn’t see one for React Native and I am thinking about approaches to making one. I read the JS InMemoryCache to get an idea of what would need to be done.

I should also say that I am aware of apollo-cache-persist, which I understand to be something different. I want the cache to never be in memory (live in the DB) – not just a way to persist and restore.

My questions:

  1. Has anyone else tried this or seen anything like it? I couldn’t find anything

  2. It feels like I would need to reproduce a lot of the work in InMemoryCache to get all of the features. There doesn’t seem to be any hook to just replace the backing store.

  3. Is there any plan to make it easier to make alternative caches (or just replace storage) but still get the configuration options like typePolicies.

  4. Any general advice for proceeding in a way that is future proof and possibly able to be adopted in a future version?