Subscription in Apollo Federation 2 & new router

We really want to create our api using Apollo Federation 2. However, lacking subscription support is keeping us from proceeding. What is Apollo’s suggestion to meet this requirement? Can someone shed some light on it pls. :pray: Without a production ready solution it’s very difficult. I investigated Mandi Wise’s solution. It adds many questions & adds more complexity. Nontheless, her approach can be used to implement subscription support using new Router maybe. We can still externalize subscriptions in a new server, but would need Router to route the subscriptions to there. We can get rid of replicating the authentication. This can be a separate product like @apollo/federation-subscription maybe…

Subscriptions are one of the top-demanded features, so we’ll definitely have an answer soon. Keep an eye on our blog—we’ll announce major updates there!

You can also join our Discord server; we try to live stream demos of features as soon as they’re available.

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