Supergraph schema compiling failure in windows

Hi everybody

i can not compile the supergraph schema using rover cli

i get this error
Could not read “../weather-schema.graphql”: stream did not contain valid UTF-8
Make sure supergraph compose config YAML points to a valid schema file.

although the path is correct

does rover cli work on windows ?

I imagine quite a bit of users use Mac or Linux over Windows, but the first thing that I would check is your encoding.

In the bottom of VS Code you can see the encoding and carriage return style. On Mac, the default is UTF-8 and LF as far as I’m aware.

If that’s not on something other than UTF-8, then the problem is presumably in your schema, and I would check that.

If you’re having trouble on Windows, you can always use the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, which is my preferred method when working on Windows.