Sveltekit + Apollo: Recommended approach for integration

Hi everyone. Our project is adopting Sveltekit, a new framework for developing cybernetically enhanced web apps. The goal is to make the /graphql endpoint work, combined with the GraphQl playground. We have some working code, but would like to hear your recommendations, and maybe eventually we can corporate to add a an “official” apollo sveltekit package.

server.executeOperation approach
In our project, we are currently using the apollo-server package, and then utilize the server.executeOperation fn. Seems to work pretty good, but currently we can’t get it to work with the playground (it fails with Must provide query string) on GET requests:

import type { RequestHandler } from '@sveltejs/kit';
import type { EddyLocals } from '../../hooks';
import server from './_server';

const handler: RequestHandler<EddyLocals> = async (args) => {
    const { headers, locals, rawBody } = args;
    let operationName, variables, query;
    if (typeof rawBody === 'string') {
        ({ operationName, variables, query } = JSON.parse(rawBody));
    const response = await server.executeOperation(
            http: operationName,
            query: query || '',
        { headers, locals }
    return {
        status: response?.http?.status,
        body: JSON.stringify(response),
        headers: {
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',

export const head = handler;
export const get = handler;
export const post = handler;

Using a package like apollo-server-lambda
I found this repo on github, that uses apollo-server-lambda, to built something very similar:

const graphqlHandler = apolloServer.createHandler();

const handler: RequestHandler = async (args) => {
  return await new Promise<EndpointOutput>((resolve, reject) => {
        httpMethod: args.method,
        headers: args.headers,
        path: args.path,
        body: args.rawBody as string,
      } as any,
      {} as any,
      (err, result) => {
        if (err) {
        } else {
            status: result.statusCode,
            body: result.body,
            headers: result.headers as any,
    ) as any;

export const head = handler;
export const get = handler;
export const post = handler;

So some questions:

  • Does it make sense to use the apollo lambda project, even if not using AWS?
  • Is it “ok” to use the executeOperation method in production like shown in the first example?

Looking forward to your feedback :sweat_smile: