SWC with Apollo and Express.js | Issues with nodemon

Hello everyone!

I am new to Apollo, and I am trying to set up a basic Apollo GraphQL Server with Express.js. I am using TypeScript & SWC for fast compilation, as well as nodemon for restarting the server. However, whenever nodemon restarts, the whole server (index.ts) file takes too much time to boot. So, on every save I have to wait 10sec for it to start again.

As you understand, this has become bothersome and I would like to fix it, as SWC compiles the code in under 50ms. Any idea what should I change, use or add?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is the relative GitHub issue: ApolloServer instance takes 8sec to load on Node.js boot · Issue #6199 · apollographql/apollo-server · GitHub