TypeError: resolver is not a function

Good day, I am getting the following error

error - TypeError: resolver is not a function

when starting my apollo server using the apollo-server-micro package

Even with real simple typeDefs and resolvers such as

import {ApolloServer, gql} from 'apollo-server-micro'
const typeDefs = gql`
  type Query {
    sayHello: String

const resolvers = {
  Query: {
    sayHello(parent, args, context) {
      return 'Hello World!';

const apolloServer = new ApolloServer({ typeDefs, resolvers });

export default apolloServer

and my index page looks like this

import ApolloServer from '../../apollo/ApolloServer';

export const config = {
  api: {
    bodyParser: false,

export default ApolloServer.start().then(()=>{
  return ApolloServer.createHandler({ path: '/api' });

You could replicate it here

Is there something real simple I am missing?