Voyage II: Monolith Graph Setup: issues with introspection in Apollo Studio

Hi Apollo! I am having issues at the beginning of the Voyage II course, at the “Testing a query with Sandbox” part.
My node version is v18.9.0, npm version 8.19.1. I made sure that monolith server and services are running. But when I open the localhost:4000 I am getting the error: “Schema Introspection Failure”.
And when I do the query that doesn’t exist, error message is like: “*** you must be logged in ***”

  "data": {},
  "errors": [
      "message": "*** you must be logged in ***",
      "extensions": {
        "code": "UNAUTHENTICATED",
        "stacktrace": [
          "GraphQLError: *** you must be logged in ***",
          "    at AuthenticationError (/Users/bingq/code/experimental/odyssey-apollo-tutoral/odyssey-voyage-II-server/monolith/utils/errors.js:5:10)",
          "    at /Users/bingq/code/experimental/odyssey-apollo-tutoral/odyssey-voyage-II-server/monolith/index.js:36:19",
          "    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)",
          "    at async context (/Users/bingq/code/experimental/odyssey-apollo-tutoral/odyssey-voyage-II-server/monolith/index.js:35:28)",
          "    at async ApolloServer.executeHTTPGraphQLRequest (/Users/bingq/code/experimental/odyssey-apollo-tutoral/odyssey-voyage-II-server/monolith/node_modules/@apollo/server/dist/cjs/ApolloServer.js:499:32)"

I have no clue what’s wrong. Thank you!

Hi @bing! Thanks for the screenshots, those are helpful!

Can you try clicking the pause button on the top left, right beside “Sandbox”? It seems like introspection has been paused, so Sandbox is not able to get the most up-to-date schema. I can see on the left sidebar under “Documentation” that the entire schema wasn’t loaded.

You can also try clicking on “Refetch Schema” if you don’t want to turn on introspection. This means you’ll need to fetch the schema every time it changes though.

Hi @MichelleMabuyo! Thanks so much for reaching out. I fixed it! I left a shared header of previous project in this one :sweat_smile: that authtoken blocked the fetch of schema.
Thanks so much and btw I really like your Odyssey tutorials, so fun and helpful.

Ahh, good catch! Glad you got it working! Enjoy the rest of the courses :slight_smile: