Weird behaviour after cache.modify

This problem happened on react.

This is my cache modify code, and i have a pagination of projects that is based on skip and limit. After cache modification the pagination query refetched from skip:0 or the initial variable values. I don’t to refetch the pagination from the begining it should just give me the all cached projects. That’s one problem. Another one is if i go into a single project page and added one asset which uses the same below code to modify the cache, and after that if i came to pagination page, it successfully fetches the initial variables with skip:0 limit:6, after that when i’m doing pagination it’s going on a loop graphql query call every fetchMore using skip:6 , limit:2 also calls skip:0 limit:6. Every fetchMore triggers two queries.

        const validate = cache?.modify({
          id: "Project:" + projectId,
          fields: {
            assets: (existingRefs) => {
              const newAssetRef = cache.writeFragment({
                data: data.createAsset,
                fragment: gql`
                  fragment NewAsset on Asset {
              console.log(newAssetRef, "newAssetRef");
              return [...existingRefs, newAssetRef];
        console.log(validate, "validate");

tried with broadcast:false, nothing worked.

anyone can help me?