When does useQuery think that a query is "loading"?

Here’s a component that calls useQuery() to get data from an async local resolver. The resolver waits a second, then returns some hardcoded data. I was expecting that useQuery().loading === true until the resolver completed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

// resolver
export async function todos() {
  console.log("waiting 1000ms");
  await wait(1000);
  console.log("waiting complete");
  return await Object.values(db.todos);

// component
export default function Todos() {
  const { loading, refetch } = useQuery(Queries.GET_ALL_TODOS);
  console.log({ loading });
  if (loading) return "Loading...";
  return (
      <span>"Data loaded..."</span>
        onClick={() => {
        Reload data

you can see that clicking the button triggers a refetch, which does trigger the resolver, which waits a second to log a message, but the loading state is never changed.

is that surprising?

Hello! By default, a component doesn’t rerender during the phases of a query refetch. To enable this behavior, pass the notifyOnNetworkStatusChange option to useQuery, like so:

const { loading, refetch } = useQuery(Queries.GET_ALL_TODOS, {
  notifyOnNetworkStatusChange: true

For more information, see Inspecting loading states.

great, that’s cool! but it doesn’t look like notifyOnNetworkStatusChange is useful for the refetchQueries: [] option on useMutation(). maybe what i need to do in that case is:

const [refetch] = useQuery(MY_QUERY, {
  notifyOnNetworkStatusChange: true
useMutation(SOME_MUTATION, {
  refetchQueries: [{query: MY_QUERY}] // this runs the query but doesn't seem to notify me with the network status
  onCompleted: () => refetch() // i guess this has the desired effect, i'm not sure what the difference is

Ah! Yes, this is currently an exceptional case and your solution should work.

Your issue is rather timely, as improvements to refetching queries after a mutation are coming in Apollo Client 3.4 (just-merged PR). This new API should honor options like notifyOnNetworkStatusChange, and it will enable you to make other modifications to queries before they’re refetched.

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