Why does Apollo Client throw "Missing field" errors when calling writeQuery with incomplete data?

I’m using Apollo Client 3.4.x. When calling writeQuery and passing data that’s missing fields specified in the query, I would expect Apollo Client to just not care about those missing fields and leave them in the cache as-is, while updating the fields that are specified. In practice it does actually update the fields, but in development mode (if (__DEV__)) it also throws an error saying Missing field 'x' while writing result /* passed value(s), stringified */. The error is thrown here: apollo-client/writeToStore.ts at b214dd1d31cdfe6b5477bb5887a7d9615a302b27 · apollographql/apollo-client · GitHub

Meanwhile, in the docs, under Editing existing data it says

If you include a field in query but don’t include a value for it in data , the field’s current cached value is preserved.

Am I misreading this? It reads to me like passing only the fields you want to write is completely supported behavior and shouldn’t be causing errors to be thrown, even if they are only thrown in development mode. At most it should be a warning with some kind of caveat like “if you only meant to update the data, you can safely ignore this warning”.

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