Android Apollo 3 Migration

I’m looking to migrate to Apollo 3 and I’m seeing fetchPolicy mentioned in the release notes for beta 01 but it doesn’t actually appear to be a part of ApolloRequest.Builder in code. I guess this brings up a bigger question of, is it still too early to try to migrate?

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Hi :wave: Thanks for reaching out!

fetchPolicy is actually an extension on ApolloRequest.Builder defined in apollo-normalized-cache in the com.apollographql.apollo3.cache.normalized package. Maybe you’re missing the dependency or an import?

As to whether it is too early to migrate, we consider this Beta to be pretty close to stable, however know that we still plan to tweak the API before the stable release. In the meantime, we appreciate all the feedback we can get from the community about this version!

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Perfect, will give that a go. Hopefully I’ll have the migration working soonish and can provide some feedback!