Announcing Apollo Router v1.0

We’re excited to announce that Apollo Router has officially reached version 1.0! It’s been a few months since the first GA release of Apollo Router, our lighter and faster supergraph runtime written in Rust. Since then we’ve been focused on expanding its capabilities to support even more use cases.

The release of v1.0 takes Apollo Router beyond raw speed with optimizations for client app performance, hardened security, and robust extensibility:

  • Entity-based @defer support in the Router mitigates slow services and works with existing subgraphs written in over 20 languages and frameworks, even if the server itself doesn’t support @defer.
  • Apollo Router is now secure-by-default, has passed an independent security audit, and offers new security features like cross-site forgery protection
  • Enhanced YAML config and full Rhai scripting support make it simple to adapt the Router to your environment. Customize the Router even further with the stabilized native extension API.

Getting started with Apollo Router

We can’t wait for you to start using Apollo Router! Depending on where you are in your supergraph journey, here are some next steps you can take to get started:

  • If you’re starting fresh with Apollo Router, see our Quickstart docs.
  • If you don’t have a supergraph schema yet and want to learn more about Apollo Federation, head over to the Federation docs.
  • If you’re already using Apollo Gateway, check out the migration guide. The migration guide will walk you through how to check if your use case is currently fully supported by Apollo Router.

Learn more

Checkout the blog post, updated Router docs, and a revamped supergraph demo to learn more!

Please open a discussion on GitHub if you need general help or open an issue if you have any troubles with our docs!