Apollo client having trouble tallking to flask backend becuase of OPTIONS request

Hello, I’m trying to integrate multiple components but I think this is ultimately an apollo question so I’m asking here. I have a gatsby frontend with an apollo client and I’m trying to send a graphql query to my backend which is a flask container with ariadne. I’m getting a network error when I try to query and I’ve narrowed it down to apollo making an OPTIONS request which fails becuase flask doesn’t support CORS by default. I added flask-cors and the request goes through if I curl it but still fails with apollo. I tried to look at the packet with tcpdump to look for differences but I’m already out of my comfort zone.

Apollo CORS OPTIONS request breaking when trying to talk to flask even with flask-cors installed

It turns out the issue was just me being dumb. I had an extra / at the end of the url I was trying to connect to. My bad