@apollo/datasource-rest Not Updating In NPM

Hi there, I’m working on a side project and I’m attempting to use the apollo/datasource-rest package from NPM; however, it looks like it hasn’t been updated in ~3 months even though there’s been changes in the package. There is a bug with the existing version in NPM where the body is deleted if it’s a string which has been resolved since the latest publish. I’m not familiar with the deployment cadence for these packages so this may be intentional but according to the Github Actions Workflow the “NPM Publish” step was executed, but npmjs.org doesn’t have the changes.

Github Actions Workflow

NPM Link

Yep, we’ve made a lot of changes on main (dealing with literally 4 years of issues and PRs). We just about got to the point of hitting publish when vacation time hit and we should actually push the button next week when we’re all 100% back. Version Packages by github-actions[bot] · Pull Request #93 · apollographql/datasource-rest · GitHub

BTW if you want to test out the new version, see the link in the codesandbox comment on the PR!