Apollo iOS 1.7.0

Version 1.7.0 of Apollo iOS will be released in the coming weeks. This release includes a few minor feature additions and bug fixes and improves the performance of the code generation engine. For users using the Apollo Codegen CLI to run their code generation, this version will be a seamless upgrade with no changes to your existing code required. For users that are using the ApolloCodegenLib directly to run code generation from a Swift executable, there are a few changes that will require a simple migration. For those users, please be aware of the following change:

ApolloCodegenLib Now Uses Swift Concurrency
To improve the performance of the code generation, the ApolloCodegenLib now uses async/await. Code generation is now parallelized and should complete much faster for users with a large number of GraphQL files.
This means that the entry point function, ApolloCodegen.build(with configuration:) is now an async function. For users using the ApolloCodegenLib directly, you will need to make your call sites into this function use async/await. In most cases, this requires minimal code changes. The 1.7.0 release will be accompanied by a migration guide which will include code samples to assist you in this process.

You can follow along with any updates in the pinned GitHub Issue: Announcement: Version 1.7.0 · Issue #3266 · apollographql/apollo-ios · GitHub