Apollo router introspection

I’ve tried out the Apollo router v0.1.0-preview.2 and v0.1.0-preview.2-debug images.
I noticed that no matter how i configure it, the introspection is not working, I get this message:

Value retrieval failed: Empty query plan. This often means an unhandled Introspection query was sent. Please file an issue to apollographql/router.

I also didn’t see the CORS entering into action, but I didn’t try that too much.

I know it has been only released and still under development, just wanted to give a quick feedback.
Ran it in Kubernetes if it matters…

Here’s my router config:

  introspection: true
    allow_any_origin: false
    - propagate:
        matching: .*

Hope you got this sorted! I suspect there definitely could have been a bug in an earlier Router release, but hope it’s all working for you now.

I’ll close this, but please open an issue on the Router GitHub if you still have a problem!