Apollo Router: Self Hosted Setup

Dear Apollo team,

is the following Apollo Federation 2 setup requires purchasing of the enterprise plan:

  • Subgraphs implemented with ‘@apollo/server’, hosted and managed on own infrastructure
  • Apollo Router (as it is or self compiled binary with own plugins) hosted and managed on own infrastructure
  • Own schema registry (using Apollo Rover CLI) hosted and managed on own infrastructure

Also, other related questions:

  • Will there be any query limits for the Apollo Router in this setup?
  • Is it possible in this setup to connect Apollo Studio for version control, insights on usage and performance without purchasing enterprise plan or any subset of these features?

Thanks for clarifying these points!

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I am looking into a similar setup, where I am planning to use Apollo Router and Rover CLI in tandem to host a self-managed Router setup to delegate GraphQL requests to a few subgraphs. The router will be the front of my API which will serve data to a mobile app. I believe it’s free to use and respecting the license to do so, as long as you do not offer routing services for 3rd parties. Here is where I read about it: Apollo FAQ on Licensing under Elastic License v2 (ELv2) - Apollo GraphQL Docs

But if that’s wrong, I would appreciate if someone from Apollo would correct me!


+1, it would be nice to get some clarification around what features are supported in self-hosted federations setups. Cloud routing is not really an option for us and we’re happy to manage our own infra/deployments, but it’s unclear when an Enerprise plan would be required and how far we can get with non-Enterprise plans.